Comeback Webinar Series

Shipping Overview

We invite you to join us for an insightful dialogue exploring changing global economic conditions and their impact on the shipping industry. Increasingly complex dynamics in the macro environment and shifting trade patterns are creating conditions which present both challenges and opportunities. Our panel of experts will share their analysis on navigating the market during these uncertain times.  

Our esteemed panellists will engage in a purely conversational format, with live Q&A opportunities during the webinar.  To ensure questions are addressed, we encourage attendees to submit any in advance of the event.

Please note there will be a consecutive translator for content delivered in Mandarin.

12 April 2023 | 10:00 UK TIME | 17:00 CN TIME

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China, Federal Reserve and Ukraine/Russia

As China’s reopening gathers pace, increasing demand for commodities and energy will drive up freight rates. Nevertheless, the impact from financial sector problems out of the US create uncertainty in the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policy and its impacts on cargo flows and financing. Additionally, as the ongoing war of attrition in Europe persists, and it remains to be seen how markets will continue adapting to the wide-reaching sanction regime.

Dry Bulk Commodities

We will examine the near to mid-term prospects of several dry bulk commodities - iron ore, steel and coal - taking into account the following factors; demand and inventory levels, profitability, and government policies; the overall outlook for the global market, including emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and India; and the outlook for the European market and the impact of new carbon policies on shipping.

Tanker & Gas Carrier Freight

How is the impact of price caps on energy demand affecting freight rates? Are sellers and shipowners who effectively resolve the difficulties of insuring such cargoes helping meet demand requirements? Will the energy and related freight markets diverge in to ‘price capped’ and ‘free market’ modes?

China's Energy Demand

There are doubts about whether China's energy demand will experience a significant surge after reopening. It's plausible that the influx of discounted energy products in the past year has already satisfied a considerable portion of China's energy requirements. How much growth potential remains for China's energy demand? How much has already been met? What competitive, logistical and political drivers exist for other energy producers, such as the US, to export energy to China? Discover how divergent energy prices, Federal Reserve impacted FX rates, and logistics issues contribute to China's energy imports mix.

Maritime Services

Our legal and insurance panellists will examine how maritime service providers adapted to all the changes we have seen in the past several years. We will delve into how Courts, arbitrators, and mediators have adapted to handle disputes online, and whether the move to remote or hybrid hearings has improved accessibility to justice and made it more value for money. We will also take an overview of P&I Clubs and their evolving roles, with a focus on sustainability, compliance and regulatory requirements, and service functions.

Belt & Road

The Belt and Road initiative was launched in 2013, aiming to engage the world in a new era of economic development and security. Identified via flagship projects such as ports, rail, roads, and other infrastructure, the BRI has many less tangible ambitions too, in terms of currency use, standards formation, and greater sharing of prosperity. While there have been setbacks and delays in many areas, the BRI is a multi-decade and multi-factor agenda, meaning short-term financial flows volatility ultimately means little. Our BRI expert will provide an overview of the BRI as a long-term agenda, and discuss the latest on aspects of port development, in Africa especially.




Chany Zhou

Manager, Overseas Division and Steel & Iron Ore Analyst, Mysteel

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Guillaume Perret

Founder & Director, Perret Associates

Guillaume is the founder and director of Perret Associates. He has more than 20 years of extensive experience in commodities trading. Before establishing his own consulting business, Guillaume set up and developed the coal and freight trading desk for the German utility RWE in London and traded grains for the international trading house Louis Dreyfus. Drawing on his extensive hands-on experience in front offices, Guillaume brings to bear detailed insights as well as comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the coal and freight markets. Guillaume holds an MBA from the London Business School and a Master degree in Agronomy from a French Engineering School ENSAIA.
Tanker, gas & Energy

Ioannis Papadimitriou

Senior Freight Analyst, Vortexa

Ioannis is a Senior Freight Analyst at Vortexa, focusing on the analysis of energy trade flows and shipping markets, with a deep knowledge of Vortexa’s freight analytics suite. Prior to Vortexa, Ioannis worked as a Shipping Trade Analyst at Affinity brokerage, where he was mainly responsible for covering the demand side of the tanker and dry bulk segments. Ioannis holds an MSc in Shipping, Trade & Finance from Bayes Business School as well as an MEng in Marine Engineering & Naval Architecture from the University of Strathclyde. He is currently a board member of the Shipping Professional Network in London (SPNL).

Dr Lauren Johnston

Associate Prof, China Studies Centre, University of Sydney; China/Africa Lead, South African Institute of International Affairs

Associate Professor Lauren Johnston holds a PhD in Economics from Peking University, and is an expert in areas of China's economic relations with the Global South, Africa especially. Prof. Johnston is concurrently an Senior Researcher (Consultant) for China/Africa, South African Institute of International Affairs, and Associate Professor at the China Studies Centre, University of Sydney. Her previous employers include the University of Melbourne, Beijing Foreign Studies University, the World Bank, and the Ministry of Development and Economic Planning of Sierra Leone (as an ODI Fellow). She consults as Founder, New South Economics.

Dingjing Huang

Underwriter, UK P&I Club

Dingjing Huang is an Underwriter at the UK P&I Club, supporting the Club’s Members in the Asia Pacific region. He joined Thomas Miller after finishing his PhD degree in Maritime Law. Prior to his current role, Dingjing was supporting both the Underwriting and Legal departments with a particular focus on Chinese business and legal issues.
Nicholas Woo

Partner, Birketts, Shipping and International Trade Team

Nicholas is a Partner in Birketts’ Shipping and International Trade Team and an accredited CEDR (Council of Effective Dispute Resolution) Mediator. He worked in-house for COSCO in 1993 after previously practising in Singapore for 5 years. He qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales in 1996 where, in 2001, he became the first ethnic Chinese practising shipping law in England to be made a partner at a City firm. Nicholas is a specialist in all areas of ‘dry’ shipping litigation with particular knowledge of shipping in Singapore, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Nicholas speaks fluent Mandarin and Cantonese.

Robin King

Marketing & Risk Consultant, Consortium Capital Group

Robin King has over 30 years of experience in freight and commodity derivatives, playing a significant role in the inception of the freight derivatives markets since 1985. He has held various positions throughout his career, including Director of Clarkson Securities Ltd and GFF Ltd. Robin served as Head of Marketing at the Baltic Exchange from 2010 to 2018 and is a respected member of the Baltic Exchange since 1978. He also operates a private shipping consultancy and served as the past Chairman of the FFA Brokers Association (tankers) in 2004-2005. With extensive knowledge and experience in freight and commodity derivatives, Robin brings valuable expertise to any organization in this field.

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